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Events: Back to School Advocacy Webinar for Parents of Children with Diabetes

Back to School Advocacy Webinar for Parents of Children with Diabetes You will hear from parents and advocates who have been there - on behalf of their own children and through their work with other parents who want to keep their children safe at school!

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Practical CGM – by Gary Scheiner

An invaluable source for people with diabetes as well as the diabetes experts who care for them. Use of real-time continuous glucose monitors among people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes is growing rapidly and should continue to grow until an artificial pancreas is brought to market.

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Working towards a stable liquid glucagon

When new drugs hit the market, lots of research has been done to evaluate their safety and effectiveness. When you hear about drugs that are in development and the results of research that is being done, you are often hearing about phase III clinical trial results.

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Studying outliers could lead to new therapy targets for Type 1 diabetes

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust has a Type 1 Diabetes Program, and in May they announced $1.4 million in grants to support the study of unusual clinical cases of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

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Improving A1c may help bone health in type 1 diabetes

Some encouraging research was presented at the European Congress of Endocrinology meeting in May of this year. It showed that improving the A1c seems to ease loss of bone mineral density (BMD)and bone turnover in people with type 1 diabetes.

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