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April 2018 Newsletter

How to get past the gate keepers of insurance denials

Alicia: UnLeashed! April article: There are a lot of moments that unite people living with diabetes. But by far one of the most loathsome shared experiences is having an insurance company deny coverage for a medication or service. So what opens the door when the insurance company says no? 

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Choosing a CGM: 3 Heads are Better Than One

There is no doubt that CGM can improve the quality of life and blood sugar control for just about everyone with diabetes. But which system is best for you?

Effect of Exercise on mental health parallels effect on insulin sensitivity

In a recent article published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers did a literature review to evaluate a correlation between stopping exercise and increase in depression.  They found that women had more depressive symptoms than men and that symptoms increased the longer exercise had stopped.   

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