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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

reduce stress with sunSunshine is definitely like medicine for some people! And recent research from the University of Roehampton in the UK found that outdoor exercise of all types improved mood in a more positive way than indoor exercise. People felt more stress reduction and more relaxed when outside being active – with stress levels falling about 8% for those who were active inside compared to 13% reduction for those exercising in outdoors.

The assumption for this benefit of outdoor vs indoor activity could come simply from the fact that the green environment and view of a ‘calm environment’ cause a greater impact on overall mood in a positive manner.

We are coming to the end of summer, but most people have a wonderful Fall ahead. Make good use of this wonderful time of the year with beautiful colors – get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures, lower humidity and the benefit of improved blood sugars from the increase in movement.

Along with the outdoor impact for lower stress, the fact that the activity will bring blood sugars down should be another reason for lower stress levels!

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