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Can ChatGPT Replace Diabetes Educators? Perhaps not yet.

ChatGPT diabetes questionYou may have used ChatGPT for many different reasons. Questions with an Amazon order? You are talking with one of their bots that are “taught” to respond to certain prompts depending on the issue and question. These bots are trained to give general information and as technology advances, the programmers for these bots have begun integrating medical answers.

Gerald Gui Ren Sng, MD, Department of Endocrinology, Singapore General Hospital emphasized, “In a field like diabetes care or medicine in general, where acceptable allowances for errors are low, content generated via this tool should still be vetted by a human with actual subject matter knowledge,”

Chat GPT passed the US Medical Licensing Examination, which urged researchers to ask a few rounds of questions specifically related to diabetes management and education. The topics ranged from insulin administration to hypo-hyper education. The ChatGPT did respond with some accuracy and does encourage individuals to consult with their doctors.

For instance, I tried the chat for myself. I asked the question “What do I do if my blood sugar is over 300.”

The answer gave me simple instructions but didn’t specify what my hypothetical measure of units would be, (mg/dL) what insulin or how much or instructions to change any pump settings. It does urge the user to consult with their physician and follow any added instructions given to them by their provider.

Original article: Diabetes Care published in March 2023.

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