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diabetes in the news

IDS has been offering support and advanced training/education to users of do-it-yourself hybrid closed loop systems for several years.  In fact, many of our clinicians use the “Loop” app personally.

Unfortunately, not all healthcare providers are loop-friendly or even knowledgeable.

Loop and Learn, led by Joanne Milo (the SavvyDiabetic), wants to build and share with the DIY community a list of loop-knowledgeable physicians and other healthcare providers. We’d love to add your recommendation to the list!

Please take two minutes to help by completing the form below, including what you like/appreciate about your medical team, along with their contact info … and if you are willing to be contacted by a fellow looper if they have questions.

The list will be updated regularly on the Loop and Learn website … plus it will live under Files in our FB Loop and Learn group.

FILL IN FORM with this link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xqwieg7Ir1efqhdl3Xz_kwoFqpmZRCpyAO4cTSTWMZI/edit

– Joanne Milo

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