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About Kimberly Goodson

Kimberly is a wife, sister, nanny, health coach, baker, home-maker, and Type 1 diabetic. She and her husband live in Durham, North Carolina, with their dog Bodie. While Matthew is in graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill, she cares for two adorable kids and a dog, runs her small Integrative Health Coaching business - Ginkgo and facilitates a local Type 1 Diabetic MeetUp group. She loves the mountains, foodie life, and spending time with family and friends. She believes that life is so much better when shared with others, and she is so happy to share some of it with you here!

Living with Diabetes – “The Diabetic and the Beast ”

Diabetes impacts our lives deeply. We are forced to realize our limitations as humans. Diabetes is a beast to be tamed - not by the diabetic alone, but by an entire village.

Into the Beyond: Finding Peace, Hope, and Vitality in Life with Diabetes

What do you want in life? I find myself searching for peace, hope, and vitality. My heart and mind jump on board with a resounding “Yes! That sounds great! ” But my pancreas is a party pooper with a different answer.

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