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An award-winning Certified Diabetes Educator, Masters-level Exercise Physiologist and person with type-1 diabetes since 1985, Gary Scheiner has dedicated his professional life to improving the lives of people with insulin-dependent diabetes. He was named 2014 Diabetes Educator of the year by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Gary has authored six books: You Can Control Diabetes (1997), Think Like A Pancreas (2004, 2012, 2020), The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting (2007), Get Control of Your Blood Sugar (2009), Until There’s A Cure (2012), Practical CGM (2015) and Diabetes-How To Help (2018), as well as dozens of published articles related to diabetes education for consumer and trade magazines and diabetes websites. He speaks at local, national and international conferences on a multitude of topics in diabetes care. Gary is certified to train on all models of insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and hybrid closed loop systems, and has personally used every system that is currently on the market.

It’s Libre, Man! In-Depth Review of the Newly Approved Freestyle Libre

Diabetes educator, Gary Scheiner gives his in-depth review of the newly approved Abbott Freestyle Libre CGM continuous glucose monitor.

670G and Me: Insights and Incites on Medtronic’s Latest System

The 670G represents an important step towards fully automating glucose control. However, it is important to put it in the proper context and set expectations at an appropriate level.

Diabetes BLAME Game: When your sugars are up, is it the medication or your diet?

what happens when we eat with reckless abandon and blood glucose levels start to head in the wrong direction?  Being the responsible individuals we are, we usually place the blame squarely where it belongs: on our medication.

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Review of FiASP insulin and how it compares with other fast insulins

Novo Nordisk’s new FiASP insulin (short for Faster insulin Aspart) has hit the market in various parts of the world, and is awaiting FDA clearance here in the US.

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My Review of Afrezza Fast Acting Inhaled Insulin

By avoiding the need to absorb through the fat layer below the skin, Afrezza starts working almost immediately, peaks in about 15 minutes, and in most cases, clears in about 2 hours. Now that’s rapid!

Glycemic Index: The 4th Dimension of Diabetes Management

If you think you’ve mastered everything there is to know about carb counting, it’s time for a little revelation. Not all carbs are created equal. Another factor to consider is the influence of the Glycemic Index.

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Diabetes and Air Travel: 6 Tips and Tricks!

Nowadays, travel involves more hassles than most of us are equipped to handle. And having diabetes just adds to the fun. Luckily you have me, Mr. “Platinum-Status Flier,” to share a few pointers for making travel a bit more bearable and enjoyable.

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2016 Blood Glucose Meter Comparisons

Meters should be within 10% of lab values to be considered accurate. The more often a meter falls within 10% (or 10 points) of the lab value, the more reliable it will be.

Companion Medical wins FDA nod for InPen insulin pen

Companion Medical won FDA 510(k) approval for its wireless-enabled InPen insulin pen and mobile application. InPen is a new injector pen that actually contains computer chip technology built right into the base, including Bluetooth LE wireless capability.

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Medtronic Introduces New Pump – August 2016

Among the more exciting developments from from AADE was the unveiling of Medtronic’s new 630G insulin pump, which received FDA clearance just a few days ago. I had a chance to “play around” with the new pump, and here’s what I learned...

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Artificial Pancreas Systems – What’s in the Future?

There are a multitude of different groups working on hybrid closed loop projects, and each one runs on its own unique proportion of automation and brain-power. Here are a few of the projects that were presented and discussed at the ADA Scientific Sessions in New Orleans this past June.

United Healthcare decision to limit coverage for insulin pumps to Medtronic

United has designated “preferred provider” status to Medtronic, meaning that it will be difficult and costly for its adult members to obtain an insulin pump other than one made by Medtronic

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