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Congratulations to Kathy Truman, a teacher in the Philadelphia area whose daughter has type-1 diabetes.  Kathy was first to answer last month’s trivia question:

Only one “biosimilar” insulin has been approved for use in Europe and the US.  What is it called

basaglar trivia time

Harry Potter fights the basilisk, not the new biosimilar long-acting insulin basaglar.

Answer:  Basaglar (not to be confused with the “basilisk” creature from the Harry Potter stories), which is nearly identical to glargine/Lantus.

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We all know (hopefully) that exercise promotes rapid uptake of glucose by muscle cells.  It does this by improving insulin sensitivity and by increasing the production of a special enzyme that transports glucose into the cells. 

What is this enzyme called?

The first person to answer correctly will be recognized for their infinite brilliance, and wins their choice of book from our online or in-office store!

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