Control and performance for athletes with Type 1 Diabetes at all levels


Athletes with Diabetes – Hooping it up at the DESA national conference.

If you’re an athlete who has Type-1 diabetes, you know how important it is to keep your blood sugar under excellent control.  Blood sugar levels have a direct impact on strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and healing capabilities – all essential components of success in sport and fitness activities.

There have been many athletes with diabetes who have excelled in their chosen sport (see athletes with diabetes list at bottom of page).  But it isn’t without its challenges.  Different forms of exercise can have very different effects on blood sugar, particularly when adrenal hormones start to kick in.  Recovery from an exercise session may take blood sugar levels to strange and exotic places.  What’s more, around-the-clock control is necessary for maintaining appropriate hydration and energy stores for athletic performance.

Integrated Diabetes Services is led by one of the few certified diabetes educators who also happens to be a masters-level exercise physiologist.  While not exactly a “world-class” athlete, Gary Scheiner participates and competes in a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.  He served on the Board of Directors for the Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association for many years (now Insulindependence) and advises athletes and exercise enthusiasts with diabetes worldwide.  In 2006 he received the Julie Betshart Award for the study of exercise and diabetes by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.  He continues to speak nationally and internationally for both patients and healthcare professionals on exercise, diabetes, and blood sugar control.

Through his personal and professional experiences, Gary has helped athletes at all levels to incorporate new techniques for controlling blood sugar and enhancing athletic performance.  He and his team of diabetes educators offer many services to “Diabetic Athletes” of all ages.

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Our services for Athletes with Type 1 Diabetes

  • General blood sugar stabilization
  • Sport-specific blood sugar control
  • Insulin pump fine-tuning
  • Prevention of hypoglycemia (including delayed-onset lows)
  • Sports nutrition specific to diabetes
  • Strength-training principles
  • Interval training programs
  • Use of continuous glucose monitoring
  • Anthropometric measurements (in-office only)

The Service Process

All consultations are available in-person or remotely via phone and the internet (including video conferencing).

Prior to your initial consultation, we’ll send you a self-care assessment packet to complete and return to us.  That way, we won’t waste your valuable time with questions and topics that are of no interest to you.  The assessment will be reviewed by your personal diabetes coach who will begin formulating a teaching/management plan in preparation for your scheduled consultation.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your personal goals, review your current diabetes management plan and offer suggestions for improving your control.  We will formulate a system for keeping and communicating records, provide essential education, and outline a plan for helping you achieve your long-term goals.

After the initial consultation, follow-up options include individual consultations scheduled at your convenience or a retainer service that includes monthly scheduled consultations and unlimited access to our team (to review records, answer questions and make necessary adjustments).

Athletes and Sports Figures that have Diabetes

Walt Arnold (former football player, K.C. Chiefs)
Walter Barnes (former football player, Phila. Eagles)
Doug Burns (Mr California ’97, subsequent Mr. Universe)
Bill Carlson (Ironman triathlete)
Bobby Clark (former hockey player, Phila Flyers)
Ty Cobb (former baseball player)
Mallory Code (women’s Pro Golfer)
Tony Conigliaro (former baseball player, Boston Red Sox)
Jay Cutler (quarterback, Denver Broncos)
James “Buster” Douglas (professional boxer)
Kenny Duckett (football player, Dallas Cowboys)
Mike Echols (Cornererback, Tennessee Titans)
Darren Eliot (former hockey player, L.A. Kings)
Pamela Fernandes (Olympic Gold Medal cyclist)
Missy Foy (Olympic Ultra Marathoner)
Curt Fraser (former hockey player, Minnesota Northstars)
Smokin’ Joe Frazier (former boxer)
Kris Freeman (Olympic Skier, silver medalist)
Rich Gedman (baseball player, Boston Red Sox)
Bill Gullickson (former pitcher, Houston Astros)
Gary Hall, Jr. (Olympic swimmer/gold medalist)
Tom Hallion (Major League Umpire)
Jonathan Hayes (former football player, K.C. Chiefs)
Vance Heffner (pro golfer)
Chuck Heidenrich (professional skier)
Catfish Hunter (Hall of Fame baseball player)
Jason Johnson (pitcher, Baltimore Orioles)
Zippora Karz (ballerina, New York City Ballet)
Billy Jean King (tennis legend)

Ted Kluszewski (former baseball player, Cincinnati Reds)
Ed Kranepool (former baseball player, NY Mets)
Kelli Kuehue (LPGA two-time champion, pumper)
Jay Leeuwenburg (Guard/Center in NFL)
Mark Lyle (professional golfer)
Gary Mabult (UK soccer champion)
Adian Marples (Ironman triathlete)
Michele McGann (LPGA)
Corbin Mills (bike racer)
Minni Minosa (former baseball player, Chicago White Sox)
Adam Morrison (pro basketball player, LA Lakers)
Calvin Muhammed (former football player, Washington Redskins)
Fred Patek (former baseball player, K.C. Royals)
Mike Pyle (former football player, Chicago Bears)
Steve Redgrave (Olympic rowing gold medalist)
Dan Reichert (pitcher, Kansas City Royals)
Ham Richardson (tennis player)
Jackie Robinson (former baseball star)
Sugar Ray Robinson (former boxer)
Ron Santo (former baseball star, Chicago Cubs)
Art Shell (former football player, Oakland Raiders)
Mike Sinclair (former NFL defensive end)
Bill Talbert (tennis star)
Michael Treacey (sky jumper)
Sherri Turner (pro golfer)
Jerry Udjur (former baseball player, Detroit Tigers)
Scott Verplank (pro golfer)
Jersey Joe Walcott (boxing)
Joanne Washam (pro golfer)
Wade Wilson (former NFL quarterback)
Mark Andrews (all-pro tight end, Baltimore Ravens)
Blake Ferguson (long snapper, Miami Dolphis)

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