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Ascensia unveils online platform that connects to glucose meters for diabetes management and analytics

Ascensia recently launched an online platform, GlucoContro.online, that is able to collect data from a glucose meter, and then analyze and share the data. These reports seem to be similar to those from a CGM such as Dexcom. This allows type 1 diabetics who use fingersticks to have more advanced reports.  

This is an immense upgrade, as a previous Ascensia platform, Glucofacts Deluxe, required a USB cable, and the data was not automatically shared, as it is with the GlucoContro platform. This platform uses Bluetooth to connect to the Ascensia Contour glucose meter and collects data to the cloud using the Contour app. Anyone who needs access to the data, such as a parent or a doctor, can get it. Ascencia also hopes to eventually have the data from GlucoContro.online connect to devices such as an Apple Watch and Fitbit.

Rob Schumm, the president of Ascensia Diabetes Care, said “GlucoContro.online has been borne out of clearly defined unmet needs from both healthcare professionals and people with diabetes… it provides a valuable and uncomplicated way to share and use blood glucose and other data to help clinicians and people optimize their diabetes management.”

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