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Scott Benner is a stay-at-home Dad, a storyteller, a type 1 diabetes advocate and an author. He loves his family, baseball and sitting in a dark movie theater with his wife, Kelly, and their children, Cole and Arden.

He started his blog ‘Arden’s Day’ on August 16, 2007. ‘Arden’s Day’ is a look at his daughter’s life with type 1 diabetes from his perspective.  A raw, honest reflection of what life is like when you live every day with a chronic condition. Type 1 diabetes advocacy has been his passion since he learned how powerful and renewing sharing and community can be to people that live with diabetes.

Listen to the Juicebox Podcast as Scott and Jenny (Integrated Diabetes Service’s RD, CDE) candidly discuss life with diabetes and a few “more than basic” strategies for managing all those moments of life that get thrown into our days with diabetes.

If you loved this, please visit Scott’s blog at Arden’s Day. Well worth your time!!

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