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Yet One More Study Confirms: Healthier Diets Linked to Longer Life

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A recent study in the United Kingdom has demonstrated that adopting healthier dietary habits, specifically those aligned with the Eatwell Guide, can significantly increase life expectancy. This study, which was published in Nature Food, involved an analysis of food intake data and health outcomes from nearly half a million UK residents. The findings suggest that by switching from a typical Western diet to a healthier one and maintaining this change, individuals can potentially add up to 10 years to their lifespan. Notably, the study examined the impact of various dietary patterns and grouped participants based on their eating habits. It was observed that a 40-year-old adult could increase their life expectancy by up to 10 years by adopting a longevity-associated diet, with a shift to the Eatwell dietary pattern potentially resulting in an increase of over 8.6 years.

The Eatwell Guide is a set of dietary guidelines developed by Public Health England to help people understand what constitutes a healthy, balanced diet. It focuses on the importance of consuming a variety of foods to obtain the necessary nutrients for good health.

This guide is designed to be flexible enough to suit different dietary needs and preferences, catering to vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters, and those who are gluten-free, among others. Its goal is to ensure that the overall diet is balanced and provides the nutrients needed for good health.

Original article: Nature Food, Volume 4, November 2023, 961-965

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