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Minimed 670g Insulin Pump

A recent study was done to assess the effectiveness of the Medtronic MiniMed 670g.

84 adults with Type 1 Diabetes wore the pump for one site visit, and data was collected on: percent time in range, average blood glucose, HbA1c, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia. This data was then compared to the participants’ most recent appointment notes with their previous insulin therapy. 

After analyzing the data, a 27% increase of time in range was found from the last visit with previous insulin therapy to after the use of the Minimed 670g. There was a 24% decrease of time in hyperglycemia for participants and a 3% decrease of time in hypoglycemia.

Interestingly, the mean HbA1c only increased slightly from the last visit on a previous insulin therapy to after the time spent on the MiniMed 670g. Participants with an original A1c higher than or equal to 7.5 saw a .5% decrease in their A1c, and only a slight reduction in hypoglycemia. Participants with an original A1c lower than 7.5 had an increase of .4% in their A1c, and saw their hypoglycemia significantly reduce from 7.40% to 2.56%.

What did the MiniMed 670G study Conclude?

It was concluded that the use of the MiniMed 670g provided participants with blood sugars in range for more than the target time, and time in range was much greater than with any previous insulin therapy. Participants’ A1c did not change significantly, yet those with lower A1c saw less time with hypoglycemia, and those with higher A1c saw less time with hyperglycemia. 86% of participants continued to use the MiniMed 670g after the conclusion of the study.

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