Diabetes Bites Newsletter

ADA insulin Accessibility Petition: add your name to over 360,000 others who have joined the American Diabetes Association’s call for action!

Let’s just start off with some striking realities:

  • The cost of care for people with diabetes in the US in the last FIVE years has increased 48%!
  • The cost of insulin tripled from 2002-2013
  • In most of Europe insulin costs 1/6 what it costs in the US
  • People with type 1 diabetes WILL DIE without insulin.

The purpose of the ADA backed petition is to:

  1. Call upon all entities in the insulin supply chain, including manufacturers, wholesalers, PBMs, insurers and pharmacies to substantially increase transparency in pricing associated with delivery of insulin to the end user patient.
  2. Call upon all entities in the insulin supply chain to ensure that no person with diabetes is denied affordable access to insulin; and
  3. Call upon Congress to hold hearings with all entities in the insulin supply chain to identify the reasons for the dramatic increases in insulin prices and to take action to ensure that all people who use insulin have affordable access to the insulin they need.

The American Diabetes Association is a leading national organization for the education of and advocacy for people with diabetes.