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sarene brooks

Active Wear for Diabetes Devices – I love my pump, but where do I put it?

I have raised two boys with type 1 diabetes, educated many insulin users, and have several friends who also use pumps and CGMs. This technology is amazing. When my oldest son was diagnosed, CGMs were not readily available and pumps had only basic features compared to today. I remember him being hesitant to get a CGM when they were an option because it was “just one more thing” to have attached to his body. Now his CGM is viewed as a valuable tool to help with his diabetes management. I have heard both of my boys share tips with each other on how they manage their pump and tubing while they are sleeping, exercising, and just moving about in their daily life.

Years ago, I was having a conversation with a friend. She had had diabetes for about 10 years and was working full-time. As part of her professional attire, she frequently wore a dress. Many of you who are reading this right now have experienced the same dilemma she did. “Where do I put my pump?”.  She showed me a “thigh-band” she had made out of stretchy fabric to hold her pump in place. A note for those who don’t wear a dress, there is no waistband to pull the pump and tubing through and usually no pockets to put it in.

I am sure many of you have found remedies to this problem. However, I am frequently asked for ideas of managing the tubing at night and where to put their pump in situations such as wearing a dress, being physically active and just everyday wear.

I have gathered some ideas from “the experts” (aka friends and family) who have come up with some solutions and want to share them with you. 

If you are having trouble with your CGM or tubeless pump staying in place, you don’t know where to put your pump with certain clothes, or just want your pump and tubing to be held in place, try out some of these suggestions. Everyone has their own unique situation but hopefully, this will give you some ideas of something that will work for YOU.

You may have some ideas of your own and I would sincerely LOVE to hear them. Please share them and email me!

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