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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

How to avoid hypoglycemia in exercise


We all know the benefit of exercise. We work out, try to reap the overall health benefit of exercise – cardiovascular benefit, weight management, insulin sensitivity – and what happens? Insulin drops our BG levels too much and we end up having to feed the insulin in order to counter a low or avoid one OR we end up too high from too much carb or too much insulin reduction. 

A study done recently evaluated the use of glucagon in a small dose (mini-dose) to actually prevent exercise-induced hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes.  The research compared a control of no intervention, use of mini-dose glucagon, reduction of insulin prior/during exercise as well as carb intake with glucose tablets to see what helped the most in prevention of low BG.

The conclusion was that the use of mini-dose glucagon kept BG the most stable without effect of hypoglycemia or excessive excursions that were too high.

See the study and research here.

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