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Exercise with Type 1 Diabetes – a New Book for People with Type 1 Diabetes!

A common barrier for people with type 1 diabetes in engaging in physical activity is the fear of hypo or hyperglycemia.

With physical activity, there are many variables we need to take into account such as insulin on board, food still digesting, type of activity and time of day. Due to the potential impacts, some people give up or just run their glucose high to prevent scary lows. With the right strategies, we can exercise safely, and even do it within our target glucose ranges!

exercise with type 1 diabetes

As a former athlete and exercise physiologist, I get excited when I see great things put out into the diabetes community that are specific to exercise.

A longtime friend of IDS that Jenny Smith co-authored “pregnancy with type 1 diabetes” with, Ginger Vieira, recently published a new book titled “Exercise with Type 1 Diabetes”.

I’d recommend this book to anyone struggling during sports/exercise with frustrating highs or lows. She maps out the causes of blood sugar shifts with activity and ways to combat it leading to a frustrating blood sugar that interrupts activity.

There’s not too much information to overwhelm you and it gets right to the point. Also included in the book are weight loss tips for people living with type 1 diabetes which is something that is hard to find.

As always, if you would like individualized help with blood sugar management, exercise programming, weight loss with type 1 diabetes, or anything at all type 1, give our office a call at 610-642-6055 to schedule a consultation.

Happy reading. :)

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