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My 75 Hard Challenge – Mid-Point Update

Check-in time! How are my fellow New Year’s Reseters doing?

We are (at the time of writing this) 46 days into 2021. I was able to pop that number out quickly because if you recall I started my challenge on the first of the year; therefore, I am on day 46 of 75. But who’s counting? I am. I’m definitely counting (nervous smile).

As a reminder, here are the ‘rules’ I am following for the 75 Hard Challenge:

    1. Do two 45 minute workouts
    2. One workout must be outdoors
    3. Follow a diet
    4. No alcohol or cheat meals
    5. Drink one gallon of water
    6. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book
    7. Take a progress pic

    You may remember last time I couldn’t think of any cons as of Day 16. Well on day 46 I can think of a few. The bloat is real- from all the water that is. I’d like to think I’m a pretty decent water drinker (which took years to get good at, mind you) but forcing a whole gallon every single day hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve ever done. My kids find joy out of reminding me when I’m off schedule according to my time-stamped gallon jug. However, despite my current complaining, it gets done. And, if I’m being honest, I feel so much better overall being what I have to assume is considered super-hydrated! My skin is clearer, my energy level through the day is increased, my daily dose of coffee has been cut in half from about 16 ounces to 8 ounces, and I just feel good.

    My only other struggle at this point is planning the two workouts daily and making one of them outdoors. Long gone are the days when I could just head out the door when I wanted to. With my husband’s crazy work schedule and my kids doing hybrid-schooling (two days a week in the classroom and three days a week remotely from home), it takes some planning to prioritize the workouts. Also, we are surely experiencing a full-fledged winter in PA right now, so I have to be sure to plan around the daily forecast for when I need to get outdoors. However, I have to say, there is one major exercise benefit from all the snow—SHOVELING! Holy sweat sesh!

    The pros are easier to come up with. I can honestly admit that my overall mood is better. The constant activity and the outdoor air and sunlight is really doing its job. I truly believe that as adults we need to prioritize activity and being outdoors like we do for our kids. Man- it truly does wonders.  I don’t plan on dropping the outdoor daily walks when this challenge is done, but it will be nice when it doesn’t HAVE to be 45 minutes. My frozen toes and my dog will likely welcome some shorter ones here and there.

    Before this challenge, I would have never called myself a reader. I read of course but not regularly. Since this challenge demands the material to be non-fiction that opened up a whole new world for me.  Believe it or not that was the push I needed to realize that I didn’t “have to” like the fiction books my mom or girlfriends were reading. I always thought I was the weird one that couldn’t get into a good book. Little did I know, I do like reading, I was just reading the wrong stuff.  Now, I look forward to choosing books that allow me to learn more and dive deeper into topics of interest.

    In summary, who knows what you will get out of trying something out of the ordinary. Jump in. Pick up the book. Jog for a minute when you just planned to walk. Drink 4 more ounces of water today. Go to bed an hour earlier. Start a new hobby. Get inside the squat rack at the gym instead of going to the machines. Try the challenge. Mess up. Sign up for the 5k. Fall down. Take baby steps. Do the scary thing. It’s worth it!

    I will be making one final update next month when I conclude my challenge. The main reason I wanted to do this mid-point update is because although 75 Hard is tough, so is staying the same. Sometimes we need something to shake up our routine and jolt us out of our comfort zone.

    A quote that always sticks with me is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” How true is that?

  1. Comfort is easy and safe. But, challenge is when life gets good. We learn, we change, we grow. Some of the greatest achievements in life happen after a small or large setback. There is no doubt that the past year has been tough, but YOU are in charge of your life. You are capable of changing the trajectory of the next 10 months of 2021.


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