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Anna Sabino, MSW, CDCES

New Year…. New you?

Not so fast.

Just because the world is telling us to make all these crazy goals and read xx number of books and get in better shape, doesn’t necessarily mean we need to hop on the resolution train.

Same goes for diabetes. Before you consider making any kind of behavior change or adjustment, I invite you and your family to think about “whats going well” or what’s actually working? Hanging on to the strengths of what is going well will help shape the desire to change and maintain motivation for change.

However, if you ARE in the mood to shift something, anything, even as small as tracking food or results from a bolus, or doing a basal test to see if your rates are where you want them to be, good for you!

New Year’s diabetes resolution

Use this New Year’s resolution to improve your diabetes management!

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