IDS Connections

Hello and Happy Holiday Season to all of you!

You’re probably wondering where IDS connections went? (Or maybe what it is?)

We are announcing our relaunch for 2022 and you are invited!

alicia downs

Alicia Downs

First I want to thank everyone who completed our IDS Connections survey. Based on what you shared we are making a pivot to reach more of our community, help you grow in your diabetes management, and your mental health and social connections with the diabetes community!

What’s New?

Starting January 2022 IDS connections will be moving form a Zoom based format to a Facebook based format. 

At the first of the year, you will receive an invite to join the IDS Connections Facebook community! This will still be a place to learn, share and grow together, but it will give more flexibility to tag in with content whenever you want!

> We will host live events every couple of months, we will host local community events, and help set local events up around the country!

> We will post quick “tips in Two” reminders hints tips and tricks to help support your day-to-day diabetes management!

> And most importantly we will share support encouragement and offer a place for our IDS community to connect with one another in a safe, low judgment (and moderated) space.

The internet is often a very high-intensity high-stress place for people with diabetes! Our aim is to have a place of education and sharing MINUS the judgement, trolls and unrealistic expectations.

So keep an eye on your inbox and we look forward to seeing you in 2022!!!