diabetes wellness retreat

A Type 1 Diabetes Educational and Wellness Retreat is scheduled for August 23-28th 2022 at the beautiful Vida Asana Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica.

Our clinician Kathryn Gentile, who has her Masters in clinical exercise physiology amongst other exercise-related certifications and also lives with type 1 diabetes, will be attending and teaching attendees a large variety of diabetes educational topics such as carb counting, basal/bolus testing, adjustments for physical activity, stress, and more.

The retreat will also include different types of exercise led by Kathryn and yoga. In addition, there will be a mental health specialist to help with coping strategies.

The goal is for all expenses, other than airfare, to be covered by fundraising. For more information contact Gina Marra at t1retreat2022@gmail.com.

Hope to see you there!