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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

Teen and  Adult Exercise and Activity Training Camps for Summer 2018

Diabetes Exercise and Activity Training Camp - summer 2018

Activity is paramount to overall health. With diabetes, we know the benefit of exercise but often are turned off by starting an exercise routine due to fluctuations in Blood sugar that are very frustrating. Did you know you can learn how to manage successfully for any type of exercise you want to do? Power yoga, marathon, trail running, and fencing?? Yes, it can be achieved!! How?

The power team of clinicians, exercise physiologists, mental health coaches and certified sport trainers working with Diabetes Training camp have it all covered.  Started by Endocrinologist Mathew Corcoran, Diabetes Training Camp has a bit of everything for anyone who wants to learn how to successfully contain BG when exercising, regardless of the type and duration of activity.

Camps have been scheduled for the 2018 year and are a must have in your tool-box of management skills.  Learn in an environment with others who have diabetes and from people who also live with diabetes too.

For more information and to change your life with diabetes for the better visit Diabetes Training Camp and register for a life changing experience.

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