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10 Silver Linings of The Pandemic

Merriam Webster defines a silver lining as a consoling or hopeful prospect.

After 9 weeks of quarantine I, personally, have started to really hone in on the silver linings of life being flipped upside down. I like to think I am an optimistic and glass-half-full person, but I would be lying if I said I felt that way all the time. There have been far too many ups and downs, during this time, to count. However, this slower-paced way of living has really started tugging on my heartstrings and dare I say I am starting to enjoy the fine details and the little pearls that are coming out of this crazy time.

It is mostly during walks around my neighborhood that time seems to stand still (if you’re a 90s sitcom kid like me imagine Zack Morris saying “Time-out” and the whole scene pausing).  It sounds so corny, but I just find myself paying attention to how pretty and blue the sky is, how green the grass is, how much my dog enjoys his walks, my kids laughing and running around, and just breathing in the fresh air knowing I do not need to rush back home.  I am by no means a ‘plant-lady’ but, man, I am loving all the colors of the trees and bushes and all of my neighbors’ choices of annuals.

We all know the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and I feel like the time away from our family and friends is helping to make our convos, Facetimes, Zooms, and socially distanced visits more intentional. The quality feels ramped up because we truly miss these people in our lives and the forced “space” as made us yearn for those bonds. I cannot wait to squeeze my parents, siblings, and friends the first chance I get.

Coming from our norm of go, go, go that overnight turned to slow, slow, slow is still hard to grasp at times. The alarm clocks are quiet, the morning rush is dulled, and no hurrying to get ready in the morning to sit in traffic. Most of us are probably saving money not buying coffee on the go, gas, food during our workday, and all the fun things we like to buy (ie clothes, shoes, manicures/pedicures, etc).  Ok, fine, there is still online ordering and packages are still coming weekly or *cough cough* daily, but you get my point.

Here are MY top 10 silver linings:

  1. I find myself paying closer attention to the weather forecast and getting excited for the sunshine and the days I get to spend most of my time outside.
  2. I may or may not have taught my girls how to make coffee so I have my own built-in baristas (I drink it black so barista is a stretch).
  3. I feel like, perhaps, a deeper bond is growing roots between my kids from being forced to be together 24/7. They seem to be learning, sometimes the hard way, the life lesson of conflict and resolution. They also realize that they each have one buddy right now and they better be kind or it’ll get lonely.
  4. My husband is home for dinner almost every night right now which sounds foreign to most people, but it is rare for us. It is one of those little details that, in reality, is huge.
  5. Our dog, Kirby, is getting so many cuddles, treats, walks, and games of fetch than he knows what to do with. By the end of the day, he is passed out and beat.
  6. Take-out from our favorite restaurants is so good and is making me look forward to getting back to dining in. That first reservation will probably be for two, not four. Enter sly-devilish smile.
  7. Jeans- what are jeans?
  8. House a mess? Who cares, no one’s popping over for a surprise visit.
  9. There is time to catch up or try new shows on Netflix. Some of my binge-worthy favorites are Ozark, Schitt’s Creek, and Dead to Me.
  10. Time. Time to breathe. Time to embrace all the little things. Time to cuddle. Time to make that call. Time to squat down and look my kids in the eyes when they are talking and not feeling like I have to multitask everything. Time to sit. Time to go for that longer walk. Time to start that project. Time to finish that project. Time for one more chapter in that book. Time to cook. Time to clean. Time to relax. Time to stretch. Time to meditate. Time to rest. Time.

What are your silver linings?

I challenge you to take out a piece of paper, napkin, coffee liner, whatever, and something to write with. Write down three things that are YOUR pearls that you have found during this different way of life.  It is easy to be consumed, stressed, and bogged down by all the negativity that is surrounding us with all the unknowns, but let’s all take that “time-out” and focus on the good. It is always there, even if you have to squint to find it.

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