Integrated Diabetes Services: Diabetes Coaching, Education and Consulting

We are the worldwide leader in one-on-one & remote consulting for people who use insulin.

Our staff provides coaching and management services either in-person in our suburban Philadelphia office, or remotely via phone or the internet.
Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes or have had it for many years, our staff, led by AADE’s 2014 Diabetes Educator of the Year Gary Scheiner, can provide you with expert care. Our highly committed and Certified Diabetes Educators (all of whom have type-1 diabetes) are here to help you improve your blood sugar control, master advanced self-management skills, and reach your individual goals.

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How We Can Help

Our Blog, “Think Like a Pancreas“, provides news, tips and tricks, polls and quizzes, product reviews and general information about diabetes on a regular basis.

We write about topics such as diabetes and exercise, carb counting tips, insulin pump comparisons, blood sugar control and more!

About Integrated Diabetes Services

Integrated Diabetes Services was founded in 1995 with a single, focused goal:  to educate insulin users about how to manage diabetes more successfully.  We recognize the gap that exists between what people with diabetes need and what they are able to receive from most healthcare providers, and strive to bridge that gap.  Our clinicians all have a personal connection to diabetes, and thus bring a level of passion and insight that is unique in the diabetes industry.

As a private consulting practice, we have the ability to “get creative” when it comes to the way we care for our clients.  We offer remote consultations (via phone, video chat, e-mail and text) for both new and established clients and utilize downloaded data in all forms.  Whether services are provided in-person or via telecommunications, our clients have had tremendous success at achieving their glucose goals and learning/adopting advanced diabetes management techniques.  We are also flexible when it comes to services offerings.  There is no “one size fits all” program; each client receives a customized set of recommendations and a service plan tailored to their unique needs and interests. We even offer Spanish-fluent clinicians and educational materials for patients and family members who only speak Spanish.

In addition to providing top-of-the-line patient care, our clinical staff also provides a variety of consultative services for businesses in the diabetes industry.  From serving on advisory boards and speakers’ bureaus to writing website material to recruiting for research studies, Integrated Diabetes Services has the talent and expertise to meet the needs of any size organization.  Other industry services include:

  • Presentation (slide) development
  • Presentations (lay or professional)
  • Newsletter creation
  • Product development insight
  • Software testing
  • Article and blog writing
  • Staff (diabetes) training
  • Advisory board coordination
  • Research/survey development
  • Technical writing
  • Webinar production

For information about these or any other services, please contact Integrated Diabetes Services’ Owner and Clincal Director, Gary Scheiner.

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