• Weekly Logsheet: An excellent general record keeping form for those taking multiple doses of insulin. 7 days on a page, broken down by meals and snacks. Includes room for blood sugars, insulin, grams of carbohydrate and physical activity.
  • Detailed Logsheet: Same as weekly logsheet, but columns broken down by hour and more area for notes. 3 days on a page.
  • Pump Users Logsheet: A record keeping form for pump users. 3 days on a page, broken down by hours. Includes room for blood sugars, grams of carbohydrate, boluses, basal rates, physical activity and notes.
  • Rotating Pattern Logsheet: Ideal for those with Type 2 diabetes; 6 days on a page. Includes space for blood sugars, medication, food and activity. Gray boxes denote alternating test/recording times in order to capture patterns throughout the day and night.
  • BG Patterns Logsheet: Track your blood sugar patterns by recording your readings before all meals and snacks.
  • Glycemic Index Table This valuable reference will help you to determine when to take your insulin boluses.